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By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Eye Cream_50g

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By Pharmicell Lab Luxury, Your Best Choice

Beautiful Anti-Aging Solution

Bueautiful Anti-Aging Line nurtures cleam clear skin from the bottom by reviving it's balance. it is a beauty solution that will energize your skin to keep it healthy.

About the Product

By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Eye Cream_50g

Containing 7% of human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media/Certified as wrinkle-improving cosmetic

-Enhancing Skin Elasticity-

It effectively moisturizes, neutralizes and sythetically takes care of your crispy and dry skin.

  • This elasticity-caring cream nurtures your tired skin, and keeps it healthy through interaction of vaalid ingredients.

Main Ingredients

  • Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media7%, ginseng extract, Iacquer top extract, inonotus obliqus extract, maitake extract, sparassis crispa wuif extract, Phellinus linteus exteact, alone vera leaf extract, hollthock extract, lavender oil, tea tree leaf oil, rosemary leaf oil, adenosine,

How to Use

  • At the last stage if the skin care, take a pea-some amount of the product with a spatula, apply it over your face and neck by pressing it into your face gently with both hands.

Order of Use

Beautiful Aging Solution

  • For Beautiful Counter Aging
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