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By Phamicell Lab Prestige Sunblock_50g

Product Detail Information

Sunscreen that blocks ultraviolet ray for clean and cleat skin By Pharmicell Lab Prestige Sunblock 50g (UVA PA++ / UVA (SPF40))

As a certified triple function cosmetic ( wrinkle alleviation, whitening and blocking ultraviolet ray) that contains human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media, it can help you help you cultivate clean and moist skin.

Product introduction

By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Sunblcok_50g

Containing 3% of human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media/Certified as wrinkle-improving cosmetic.

A smart sunscreen that protects your skin effectively from UVA and UVB which are the main causes of skin photo aging and pigmentation, while also offering triple functions and primer function devoid stickiness and white cast.

  • All Types of resourceful substances of human hone marrow stem cell conditioned media, supply nutrition to your skin, and as it contains soft anti UV substances, it can be safely applied to sensitive skin. It also prevents damages to your skin and Berry Blossom Complex helps you keep healthy skin. Moreover, light and refreshing oil free texture enables rapid absorption of the product into your skin devoid of stickiness. In particular, this a certified triple function sunscreen of a moist cream type that feels as if you apply moisture essence.

Main Ingredients

  • Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media 3%, adenosine, pearl powder, rehmanniaglutinosa liboschitz var. purpurea Makino extract, peony extract, cnidium extract.


  • No parabenes, no mineral oil, no GMO, No artificial fragrance, no artificial color and no formaldehyde

How to use

  • Apply appropriate portion of the product at the last stage of basic skin care, and spread evenly on your skin