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By Pharmicell Lab the Prestige Cream_50g

Product Detail Information

By Pharmicell Lab, the Time-Presenting Cosmetic.

Counter Aging Solution

Different from other anti-aging products, it is a beauty solution of new concept to help you nurture yonung and healthy skin.

About The Product

By Phrmicell Lab the Prestige Cream_50g

Containing 10% of human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media/Certified as wrinkle-improving cosmetic

The best choice for resilient and glossy skin with moist and tender touch

  • This is a functional cream with tender and moist touch, moisturizing your tough and dry skin to make it nutritious, energetic and glossy.

Main Ingredients

  • Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media 10%, Ceramide, aloe vera leaves extract, hollyhock extract, sharebutter, adenosine, neofinetia falcate callus culture extract, mozuku extract, dextrin.

How to Use

  • Take a pea-some amount of the product with spatula, apply it over your face and neck evenly, and gently press it into your face with both hands to finish.

Order of Use

  • By Pharmicell Lab The Prestige
    Toner of skin > eye cream > By Pharmicell Lab Prestige essence > Emulsion or lotion > BY Pharmicell Lab The Prestige cream